Starts 7pm 17th October 2014 @ Smokey O'Connors


This will be the third Zombie crawl undertaken in Morecambe and it will be on Sat 18th October 2014.

Everyone will be dressing up as zombies, aliens, freaks, super heros or anything you like.

You can get made up like a zombie by our special FX teams on the day for a small charge with all profits going to charity.

The crawl itself will last approx 2 hours, with dead good stuff going on from 10.00am until the walk starts around 1.00pm. The crawl itself will be at a fairly slow pace (as real zombies don't runů except in video games!) If you're not sure how to be a zombie, we can show you and give you instructions, not hard really if you use your braaains.

The meet starts at Blue, Green, Yellow, DEAD situated at Regent Park Studios (next to the Park Hotel on Regent Road). Along the walk we will be stopping at More Music in Morecambe to pick up some more zombies then making our way to the Prom we will crawl, limp, drag ourselves all the way down to the Festival Market where we can mingle with the Saturday shoppers and grab a few bargains, some cheap brains maybe be available, so it should be fun.

We will then make our way up Victoria Street to where the Arndale Invasion will start. We will have our own Zombie DJ already set up waiting for us where we can all then entertain the shoppers by having a daylight Monster Mash.

The afternoon ends at the Arndale. We can prepare ourselves for the evening's entertainment to start at Smokey's.

The route we are taking is really simple to follow but if in doubt, just follow the person in front with the limp and brains hanging out.

Along the walk there will be marshals and first aiders who will help to keep everyone safe. However, your safety is your responsibility, so use your brains at least while you still have them.

The event itself is a fantastic opportunity to have a great day, meet new people and to raise money for a very worthy charity. The event is open to people of all ages. Other Zombie events in Canada, the US and the UK have seen children, teenagers, adults and even families with young children come along and join in the fun.

We hope to see you all at this year's Zombie Crawl on Sat 18th October.

IMPORTANT. Please refrain from banging on windows, climbing on vehicles, walking in the road and causing damage. It's common sense, so please use your braaaaiiiiiiiiinns!


All the money donated and raised throughout The Zombie Crawl will be going straight to Cancer Care For more information about our chosen charity and how fantastic they are, please visit